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Keep your name, logo, or tagline secure with our comprehensive suite of trademark services.

The Intellectual Properly™

At Modern Mark we staunchly believe that trademarks are a tool for growth. That's why we use a proprietary 4-step framework to help our clients build and grow multi 6- and 7-figure brands with the power of trademarks behind them.



Every trademark journey starts with strategy where we identify and evaluate all your brand assets and determine what the best course of action is.


Monitor & Enforce

Trademark owners have the legal obligation to monitor and enforce their rights if they want to keep them. A large part of our strategy involves remaining vigilant and shutting down trademark infringement as soon as it happens.



Once we have a game plan, we begin to execute our strategy and secure your rights to your most valuable brand assets. This can be done in a number of ways both at the federal and state level.



There is no shortage of ways to make money off your trademark rights. Whether it's through active income strategies like joint ventures  or passive income strategies like licensing - we help our clients legally leverage the money-making powers of their trademarks.

IP Strategy

A successful brand is not built in a vacuum.


That's why at Modern Mark we prefer to kickstart your trademark journey with a thorough trademark strategy session, during which we:

  • Review all your brand assets,

  • Identify all potential trademarks,

  • Evaluate their strength and uniqueness under the law,

  • Confirm their availability,

  • Analyze your rights, and

  • Craft a robust plan to secure and monetize your most valuable IP.

Avoid the pitfalls of piecemeal registration and ensure your trademarks work seamlessly together to deliver the highest value to you and your business.

Trademark Registration - By the Numbers

Source: USPTO

Trademark Registration Services

​All flat-fee trademark registration packages include:
  • A Comprehensive Trademark Report
  • Legal analysis of the results
  • An official attorney Opinion Letter
  • Preparation and filing of your application with the USPTO  (including all initial filing fees)
  • Responses to all non-substantive Office Actions
  • Routine correspondence with the USPTO
  • Consistent status updates to you

Hit a snag in your application process? Modern Mark offers a comprehensive suite of services to successfully help push your trademark application across the finish line:

  • Substantive Office Action Responses

  • Non-Substantive Office Action Responses

  • Statement of Use/Allegation of Use Filings

  • Co-Existence Negotiation

  • TTAB Trademark Opposition Defense

  • Extension Requests

  • + more

Trademark Infringement Services


Failure to monitor your trademark for infringement could have dire consequences for your brand and your bottom line. But consistently keeping track of what everyone else is doing can be a time-consuming task.

Our flat-fee Trademark Monitoring Package offers brand owners continuous surveillance of their trademarks, along with monthly reviews of monitoring results and immediate notifications if any infringement is detected.


To ensure that your brand's protection is both proactive and cost-effective, you'll also enjoy significant discounts on all enforcement services, should the need arise.


Swift action is crucial when dealing with trademark infringement, especially from shady competitors online. Our trademark rights enforcement services include:

  • Cease & Desist Letters

  • Social Media Takedowns

  • Website Takedowns and UDRP Proceedings

  • USPTO Letters of Protest

  • USPTO Expungement Proceedings

  • USPTO Reexamination Proceedings

  • TTAB Cancellation Proceedings

  • TTAB Opposition Proceedings

  • + more

Trademark Monetization Services

At Modern Mark we'll help you turn your trademarks into powerful profit generators. We can help you maximize the value of your brand assets through:

  • Licensing Agreements

  • Trademark Assignments (and Sales)

  • Franchising

  • Co-Branding Opportunities

  • International Expansion

  • Sponsorship Deals

  • + more


Our expert legal team guides you in exploring every opportunity, ensuring you capitalize on every revenue stream. with our strategic support.

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